Clif Bar Energy bar, Peppermint Stick review

Clif Bar, Peppermint Stick flavor

Happy New Year! It’s the 2nd of January and if you’re like me, you’ve spent the day cleaning up after the holidays. New Years signifies that it’s time to pack away the decorations and  finish all the holiday treats; including the Peppermint Stick Clif Bar I bought at REI for $1.45 four weeks ago.

In an earlier life I was an energy bar addict:  I lived at the beach, ran a marathon and played beach volleyball. Energy and protein bars are a convenient, nutritious snack for someone always “on the go” and exercising. Clif bars were my usual morning breakfasts and before workout snack. Currently, my beach volleyball days are on hold; while I live in the Northwest, concentrate on raising a family and taking care of a house. Raking leaves and jogging besides my bike riding toddler are my current forms of exercise.

Palate wise, I’m glad those days are behind me.  I’d rather sit down to a nice breakfast of yogurt and toast than eat a protein bar for breakfast again. Perhaps those memories kept this bar on the shelf for at least 4 weeks. Protein bars always have a  strange doughy and “sandy” texture and sour vitamin taste.

Thankfully,the Peppermint Stick Clif Bar was a pleasant surprise.  The  peppermint flavor was  reminiscent of a York Peppermint Patty sans chocolate and hid most of the vitamin character while balancing nicely with the sweetness of the energy bar. Pleasantly enough, the peppermint flavor was strong enough to cut concerns of “coffee breath”, yet not be medicinal.  I’m impressed with the flavor.

Like all Clif bars, the nutritional value of this non-dairy, organic bar is great:

240 calories, 50  cal from fat

20% DV of fiber

18% DV of protein

and packed full of vitamins

On this 2nd day of the New Year, I cleaned up the holiday mess and made a resolution to give protein bars a second chance.

Soy frosted Seasonal Peppermint Stick Clif Bar



  1. Hi Susie –

    Your brother Mark passed along your latest blog to me. I happen to be a good friend of Mark’s and one of his crazy ultra running buddies. My blood also runs thick with Al and Carrie as we have also had many an adventure on the trail as they selflessly got Mark and I through the Angeles Crest 100 in July of last year. At any rate, I also happen to work for Clif Bar (on the wine side of the equation) and appreciate your feedback and evaluation of our product. I am extremely lucky and proud to work for a company that puts an ultra premium on good, quality ingredients, sound nutritional principles and eco-friendly practices. I hope to meet you someday. Mark has spoken of your athletic abilities (notably volleyball). I guess the talent runs deep in the Barichievich family! Happy New Year. Your current focus is scattered in many wonderful areas. Please keep me apprised of any additional Clif Bar reviews you conduct. We also make wine (not Clif Bar but Clif Family Winery – same owners). I included our website.


  2. Susie Bautista says:

    Hi John: Thank you so much for your note. Mark and his “crazy ultra running buddies” are inspiring. I saw Mark (brother in law) complete the Hawaii Iron Man in 1999 and that really sparked my interest in running. Running taught me that nutrition is extremely important to fuel your body correctly. Clif Bar does make excellent products and uses quality ingredients. I’m glad they didn’t skimp on flavor costs and used good American peppermint oil in the peppermint stick bar.

    Thank you for sharing the information about the winery, I did not know that it existed. The climber’s pouch wine is really clever and I love that the Clif family farm offers a Community Supported Agriculture box. You are lucky to work for an innovative & forward thinking company. This month I will be blogging about Clif Bar twisted fruit; I’ll keep you posted! Happy New Year! Susie

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