Jelly Belly Dips review, Orange Flavored

Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips Orange

Dark chocolate covered candied orange peel is one of my favorite treats.  A peely orange flavor goes amazingly well with a good dark chocolate. When I saw that Jelly Belly had a similar flavor combination, Orange Chocolate Dips, I gave them a try. I was not disappointed, these Jelly Belly Orange Dips are amazing, I’m impressed. There is a very high load of sharp peely orange in the gelatin center. A juicy, sweet, fruity orange flavor would not be as good chocolate covered. The dark chocolate use to coat the gelatin center has good strong bittersweet chocolate character. Sometimes chocolate used in confections is inferior and has a waxy, chalky and powdery character.

The ingredient statement on the beans is very “clean” and pure/natural ingredients are used:

Corn syrup, dark chocolate(sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanilla), sugar, modified food starch, citrus pectin, natural flavor, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, carrot concentrate (color), confectioners glaze and coconut oil.

The Dips have a beautiful smooth, shiny, glossy chocolate covering. Their appearance is a giveaway that these beans are not “dipped” but panned. Usually jelly beans are panned and covered with a shiny colored sugar shell.  These “dipped” beans are panned with chocolate and not sugar. Panning is a laborious process involving a bowl like barrel that spins the candies as coating is applied. The last coat is a sealing coat of shiny confectioners glaze or wax which gives the shiny appearance and non messy quality.

Dips Jelly Belly

As I mentioned, I am impressed with the flavor quality of these Jelly Belly Dips and look forward to trying the other flavors: coconut, raspberry, strawberry and very cherry. Thirty five beans have only 135 calories, so trying them all isn’t an impossible goal. Trouble is, it’s difficult not to eat more than thirty five; Jelly Belly Dips are delicious!

I hope Orange and chocolate flavor combination make a come-back.  I sure miss the Mocha valencia at Starbucks….Yum!


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