Pretzel Crisps review, white chocolate & peppermint flavored

White Chocolate Pretzel Crisps with Peppermint

These yummy pretzels were another good find at Target. I honestly didn’t think too much of them when I saw them. Pretzels and peppermint don’t sound good.  However, it was nearly impossible to stop eating these Pretzel Crisps once I started. They were so good.  The buttery crisp, salty pretzel blends well with the sweet, milky creamy vanilla coating. The cool, sweet peppermint candy compliments the buttery creaminess perfectly.

Interestingly enough, no FD&C colors were used in this snack. The manufacturer, Snack Factory, used beet juice for coloring in the peppermint candy. Traditionally, FD&C colors are used in candy, they are brighter, stronger, easier to use, and less expensive. Lately, consumers are looking for more natural options and choosing products without FD&C colors, therefore food manufacturers are   responding. Consumers will notice that food products may seem duller and in the case of peppermint pretzel crisps, I find this to be true. Besides the dull red peppermint candy color, the general appearance of these crisps is lacking. They remind me of pictures deformed faces.  Maybe better for Halloween than the Christmas holiday.

Pretzel Crisps, white chocolate & peppermint

I love all the different textures in this snack.  The pretzels are crisp, the white chocolate coating is smooth and the peppermint candy is crunchy.  Peppermint pretzel crisps taste amazingly good and are festive.  It was a pleasant surprise tasting such a wonderful flavor and texture combination.  Too bad they aren’t a healthy snack and are a treat. Four pretzel crisps have 130 calories, 5 grams of fat, 110 mg of sodium and very little nutrition.  Then again, these pretzel crisps are fairly healthy compared to the cookies, cakes & candies served at the holidays.  I’ll be heading back to Target to stock up on these limited edition pretzel crisps. They are impressive and I would like to say I’m in awe.




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