M&M’s Cinnamon Flavored Chocolate Candies, review

Cinnamon Flavored M&M's

Cinnamon Flavored M&M's (size & color variety)

The tag line “M&M’s make friends” is one of my favorites.  It describes M&M’s brilliantly: colorful, yummy and easy to share. Mars (M&M’s parent company) can be relied upon to come up with innovative, delicious new food products.Pretzel M&M’s are my favorite new candies and were awarded Product of the Year for snacks in 2011. At a recent visit to Target, I found the newly released Cinnamon flavored M&M. It’s interesting that the package has a green M&M’s character on the front, because the M&M’s in the bag are red, burgundy and dark brown/black.  Oddly enough, there are also different sizes of M&M’s: one smaller and larger size of each color.

In the sake of research, I evaluated each color and size.  At first I thought there might be a difference, so I re-evaluated (for the sake of research) and found no difference.  They all seem to be flavored with the same light level of cinnamon.  It is a very faint level that blends nicely with the chocolate and milk notes. It was easy to become fatigued by the cinnamon flavor and only taste chocolate. Therefore, I re-evaluated the cinnamon M&M’s and still feel like the cinnamon level is equal in each color and size.

Overall, I like this product and I’m impressed.  It reminds me of Mexican style cocoa (hot chocolate with faint cinnamon notes). It is not a red-hot style cinnamon in the chocolate and fits the M&M product beautifully.  My children love this candy as well.

I urge everyone to do their own “research” and let me know if there are any differences in flavor between the different colors and sizes.   I’m running low on product to re-evaluate 🙂


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