Special K cracker chips, sour cream & onion review

Special K Cracker Chips, Sour Cream & Onion

Special K Cracker Chips

With obesity on the rise, who doesn’t want healthier snack options? Kellogg’s Special K just launched a new cracker chip baked snack for consumers looking for lower calorie, healthier snack options. Trouble is lower calorie, healthier snack options just don’t taste good. Usually, I find problems with the texture, the chips don’t crunch right or remind me of styrofoam.  Special K cracker chips have a surprisingly good texture, crispy & crunchy with only the slightest styrofoam character.

The taste of the Kellogg’s Special K cracker chip, sour cream & onion flavor needs to be fixed, though.   The first chip I tasted wasn’t too bad, there were some decent sour cream notes, but when I ate a few I had a bad aftertaste in my mouth.  The bad aftertaste reminded me of a cheap private label french onion soup mix I purchased to replace the expensive Knorr brand in a recipe.  Big mistake! The cheap store brand soup had a fake meat, yeasty taste that I found to linger disagreeably. Unfortunately, these sour cream & onion cracker chips had the same lingering bad aftertaste.  I wish these crackers had a saltier, higher onion and sour cream flavor. I believe it is the umami taste (flavor enhancing) ingredients that give the bad taste: yeast extract, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. The flavor is not balanced and needs to be sent back to the flavor lab for rework.

Since the texture is desirable, perhaps the Sea Salt version of this snack tastes better and would be good with a healthy dip (like humus). My kids didn’t mind this snack, so the box shouldn’t go to waste.   My younger daughter’s first remark when she saw this product was, “Why are you eating cereal?”.   I told her that the box did look like a cereal box, but I was eating crackers.  So intuitive.

Nutritional panel for Special K cracker chips



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