Tic Tac Holiday Twist Limited Edition Mints Review

Tic Tac Holiday Twist mints

At the holidays, as a parent, it’s my time to relive my youth. Last year, I got my girls a Barbie house with an elevator, something I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. This year, we’ve moved to electronic toys, but there is a Lego set and doll that I am excited to play with. I’m giddy with excitement and I’m busy choosing all the perfect treats for my girls stockings. They love sweets and I’m choosing a few small fun items for Christmas morning. Since they are both Tic Tac fans, like I was at their age, I tried out some of the Holiday Twist Tic Tacs mints.

Good thing I tried them out. I’m not getting this flavor for my girls’ stockings.  These flavors: cinnamon and licorice mint are very adult; great for freshening breathe but not for kids. If you put both flavors in your mouth at once, they taste like toothpaste.  Not my favorite flavors of Tic Tacs.

The red cinnamon tic tac is floral at first, then a spicy hot cinnamon that lingers.   The white licorice mint flavor tic tac is pleasantly vanilla mint at first, then suddenly licorice and bitter cool.  Not a yummy flavor, but a refreshing flavor.

As a peppermint fan, I wish both the red and white Tic Tac in the Holiday Twist variety tasted like sweet peppermint.  There seems to be a cult following for cinnamon tic tacs, so those fans are probably in 7th heaven with the holiday release of cinnamon flavored Tic Tacs. I wonder if the cinnamon fans like the licorice mint or if they would prefer vanilla peppermint instead?  I’d love to fix the licorice mint to be sweeter and have soft peppermint flavor notes.   At least these little mints are powerful breath fresheners.


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