Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme Original Review

Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme Original

Remember hearing about Kraft cooking creme last Spring? Kraft advertised to use it to prepare easy/tasty meals. Since I only really use cream cheese for frosting and bagels, I didn’t buy any. Recently, for convenience, I decided to get some as an alternative to a roux cheese sauce I serve on spinach ravioli for my kids.

My girls love the cooking creme sauce. All I did was lightly microwave a few spoonfuls and mix it with their spinach ravioli and they ate it up (no fuss, lots of compliments and no pestering them to eat their food).  Kraft cooking creme tastes exactly like cream cheese. The only difference seems to be a smoother texture and saltier taste. I’m curious how cooking creme differs from cream cheese. The USDA has a standard for cream cheese (21CFR133.133) which gives the exact specification a product has to meet to be marketed as cream cheese. Evidently, cooking creme didn’t meet this standard, or it would have been called cream cheese sauce.

Kraft cooking creme comes in several different flavors:  Italian Cheese & Herb, Savory Garlic, Santa Fe Blend, Tomato & Basil. I think the biggest fan of this product is going to be my children, so I’ll probably stick to purchasing the original cooking creme. There is a recipe on the back of the container, but it seems involved. For all that work; I’ll make my sauce. I am considering spreading some on a piece of bread and making a leftover turkey, cranberry and cream cheese sandwich. I would also use it on a vege  sandwich with bell peppers and cucumbers. Because of the cheesy taste, it’s not something I’d consider using instead of condensed soup or mayonnaise in a casserole recipe. Condensed soup and mayonnaise tend to have a sulfury taste (cooked meat or egg). If anyone has tried it, please share how you used it.

Cooking Creme Suggested Recipe

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