Extra Dessert Delights sugarfree gum Apple Pie review

Extra Dessert Delights sugarfree gum Apple Pie

It’s never easy to have a holiday weekend come to an end. Personally, I celebrated with two dinners and lots of left overs. Celebrating involved gorging. There was ham, turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, cranberries,  fresh rolls, appetizers, cheese plates, spinach dip, pumpkin pie and apple pie. My recovery plan is lots of water, exercise and healthy, low-calorie food. It’s going to be difficult to resist the homemade apple pie I have in the fridge, though. Thankfully, Wrigley has my back and came out with the gum line Extra Dessert Delights sugar-free gum. One of their more recent launches is apple pie. I love apple pie, but will it be good as a chewing gum flavor?

Well, Extra gum isn’t AS good as apple pie, but it is amazingly similar to apple pie. I’m in awe of this flavor; it’s spot on apple pie: cooked apple flavor with light cinnamon and crust notes. There is no mint flavor or coolness to this gum, but it does have a slight spiciness/tingle from the cinnamon.  The front end sweetness level is very high. So high, that I found it bitter. Of course, apple pie is very sweet, so that is might be why it was designed to have a high level of sweetness. Because of the sweetness, the flavor was very strong in the beginning. At about 4 minutes, I got a distinct apple skin character and some artificial apple flavor character. At 6 minutes, the gum flavor mellowed into a  juicy apple & cinnamon flavor and that lasted through 15 minutes of chewing.

My kids would love this gum, because of the sweetness and lack of cool minty character. I prefer mint gum, but think this gum is a great option for those with low discipline for saying no desserts. It’s very difficult to resist sweet cravings & I hope this gum helps me eat healthier this week.


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