Crest Complete Whitening +Scope Citrus Splash Review

Crest Complete+Scope Citrus Splash

Flavoring toothpaste isn’t the same as flavoring food products. Number 1, toothpaste isn’t ingested and has different regulations than a food product. Number 2, toothpaste is typically basic and most food products are acidic.  Mint oils and especially menthol are extremely stable and hold up well in basic and acidic conditions. Therefore, besides the fact that mint freshens breath, it is a good flavor choice for toothpaste. I imagine, though, that there are some people who want choices and feel like mint toothpaste is too harsh or not pleasant. Recently, Crest complete launched a Citrus Splash flavored toothpaste.   It has an aroma reminiscent of St. Joseph’s baby aspirin, a creamy sweet orange flavor. Those of us born in the 1960’s, before aspirin was considered unsafe for children, remember this flavor.

Crest Complete Citrus Splash isn’t all orange flavor; there is a definite menthol aroma. The taste is like an overly sweet Sunny D drink (orange with some punch character) with a strong follow through of menthol. After brushing, the impression in my mouth is that I’ve just had several orange cough drops. It isn’t unpleasant, but I think I’d rather have a standard mint toothpaste.    Personally, I also feel this Crest toothpaste is too sweet.

After a few brushes, I asked my children if they’d like to try it. Both of them enjoyed the sweet orangey flavor, but the 4-year-old found that the minty character burned her mouth. My 8-year-old loved it. For me, the best feature of this toothpaste is that it is something the entire family can use. Other challenges with young children and toothpaste are not losing the cap and being able to spit it out and have it wash down the sink. Personally, I look forward to the “break through” toothpaste that addresses the challenges for us with small children 1)  tastes good/not too harsh 2) easy to dispense without making a mess 3) attached cap/so it doesn’t get lost 4) easily spit out and rinsed down the drain. At this time, I am still searching, and I’ve found Aquafresh pump style toothpaste for kids to have the most potential.

Messy dispenser on Kid's toothpaste; top almost broken off

Kid's bathroom sink; messed with toothpaste

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