SoBe lifewater black & blue berry review

SoBe lifewater black & blue berry

Northwest Berries

The only way to truly know what a fruit or vegetable tastes like is to try it fresh and ripe. Moving to the Northwest has given me the opportunity to try other fresh fruits and vegetables. Some new favorites are raspberries and blueberries.

In fact, I like blueberries so much, I planted some in my backyard. Before moving here, I would have describe blueberries as floral or green; maybe even watery. Blueberries are a touch more complex when picked ripe. They have a nice full sweetness, a touch of a floral character, some seedy notes, nice juiciness and a subtle tartness.

My Impression

The SoBe lifewater black & blueberry has an excellent flavor. It is distinctly blueberry with a nice juicy, sweet, seedy and full character. The flavor in SoBe reminds me of fresh blueberry pie filling. From the label (with other natural flavors) and the taste, it is evident blueberry and blackberry flavor extracted from the named fruits are added.

There is a very slight bitter aftertaste, but not enough to influence my opinion negatively. The sweetness and tartness level of this lifewater are perfect and the slight cooling sensation is refreshing. I love this beverage and will be purchasing it again. SoBe provided us the best 0 calorie, all natural and vitamin enhanced beverage I have tasted. I’m in awe!

SoBe lifewater nutritional and ingredient statement

Some other reviews I read indicated that SoBe black & blueberry tasted like grape, but I disagree. Most reviews were very favorable, however, some questioned why this beverage has 6 grams of carbohydrates and 0 calories. The reason for this is Erythritol ( a natural polyol) Often, to improve taste, Erythritol is used synergistically with Reb A. Erthythitol is a carbohydrate but does not provide the standard 4 cal/gram like sugar.


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