Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus Accents review

Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus accents

Safe Breath

“Practice Safe Breath”?  A strange tagline, but this new Dentyne Pure does what it claims: my mouth feels very clean & refreshed after chewing. Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus Accents is a dragee style gum (candy coated pellet) and has a soft liquid center that is bluish-green (like the package).

Because this line of gum “purifies your breath”, it is called Dentyne Pure. The unique item about this gum is that it has a blend of botanical extracts. I am guessing this blend of extracts is “Neutrafresh”. But, I’m not clear about what “Neutrafresh” is.

Ingredients, Dentyne Pure

My Impression

I didn’t ask those closest to me if my breath was clean after chewing, but I felt like I had fresh breath. Mint with Citrus accents is a delicious gum. I can’t say that I get much citrus, but this gum has a nice balance of spearmint and menthol that comes on quickly and cools the mouth and opens nasal passages. Two minutes into the chew there is a slight bitterness, but not unpleasant. Four minutes into the chew I realized there was a creamy clove note coming out. This clove note could be added flavor or it could be an off note coming from the spearmint.  I really enjoyed this gum, the flavor lasted well into 15 minutes and kept a nice coolness level. It is comparable to my recent favorite: Extra smoothmint, which I still prefer.

Careful if you are on a budget and purchasing this gum. There are only nine pieces in a pack as compared to twelve with Dentyne Ice. I like that these gum dragees come in a blister pack because it keeps them from spilling in my purse.

9 dragees in blister pack

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