Yoplait Greek Strawberry Yogurt review

Yoplait Greek Yogurt, Strawberry

My close acquaintances know I have a sweet tooth.   Therefore, I usually have a homemade sweetened vanilla latte or caramel macchiato every morning.      I enjoy my sweetened latte with a muffin, toast with honey, yummy granola bar or  doughnut.    When I visited Italy, their breakfasts consisted of sweet pastries (even pie) with an espresso.   I loved breakfast in Italy.

Because my breakfast isn’t the healthiest, I tend to get hungry in the late morning.   My go to snack is almost always yogurt.  Yogurt is a healthy snack:  low in calories, high in calcium and has live bacteria. Yogurt is typically convenient and good in taste.  In the last five years there has been a movement towards Greek style yogurt.   Yogurt marketed as Greek Style is typically higher in protein (Yoplait advertises 2X more), has less sodium and less sugar.  There is an excellent report on Greek yogurt by US News : http://health.usnews.com/health-news/diet-fitness/diet/articles/2011/09/30/greek-yogurt-vs-regular-yogurt-which-is-more-healthful

Usually I buy regular yogurt or light regular yogurt.    It tends to be less expensive than the Greek style yogurt on the market.  Today, I decided to try the Yoplait Strawberry Greek Style yogurt.   Yoplait is usually very sweet, but the same is not true of the Greek style yogurt.   This is the first yogurt from Yoplait that I’ve had to stir (being that it is Fruit on the Bottom style).   I can smell the strawberry flavor in this yogurt, but have a difficult time tasting it.    The yogurt base is extremely tart.    The aroma of the strawberry flavor is like the strawberry Creme Lifesavers candy, yum!    Still, I can only really taste the tart yogurt and the jammy pieces of strawberry fruit.    The creamy texture of this yogurt is amazing.   I’m in awe at how creamy this yogurt is without any fat.    This Yoplait yogurt has 160 calories, 0 fat, 27% of DV of protein, 15% of DV of Vitamin A, 40% of DV of Calcium, 20% of DV of Vitamin D and 30% of DV of Phosphorus.   I feel really good about eating this product.   Too bad it can’t be a touch sweeter.    I’m going to look into trying other brands and flavors.









  1. Suz, of all the Greek yogurts, this was my least favorite. I felt like it had a slightly chaulky texture and then the flavor to me wasn’t balanced- a lot of high notes, not a lot of bottom notes and the sweetness level I agree is just a tad too low. I am trying to remember the brand name… but it was one of the first ones out- their low fat strawberry flavor is like eating strawberry ice cream. It’s so creamy, beautiful flavor profile, and just the right amount of sweetness. I actually felt guilty eating it. I’ll look for it again when I’m at the mkt and give you the brand name. I purchased it at Sprouts. 🙂

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Tamara, I’m glad to hear there are better products out on the market. I couldn’t agree more with your comment that the Yoplait’s strawberry Greek style yogurt has too many high notes. I look forward to trying the yogurt that tastes like strawberry ice cream. Sounds delicious!

  2. I like the Greek yogurt at Trader Joes – the consistency of TJ’s is thicker and the flavor is already “pre- mixed” tastes better in my opinion. I had been eating TJ’s before Yoplait and others came out with theirs. To me, yogurt that is not pre-mixed is a “short cut” for the manufacturer.. It’s a more cost effective way for the manufacturer to deliver their product. They just have to squirt the fruit at the bottom, and same plain yogurt on top. I can’t help but think of the marketing and manufacturing aspects to consumer goods…maybe I need a new career… 🙂

  3. Susie Bautista says:

    Susan, It seems like all Trader Joes products are amazingly good and a good value. Thankfully we have one in our city now. We used to drive 45 minutes to stock up on their goodies. I’m not certain if it is a short cut for a yogurt manufacturer to put the fruit on the bottom. I know I prefer the pre-stirred. Good observation on the production aspects, we’d love to have you in the food industry!

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