Trident Splashing Fruit review

It’s pretty good

My eight year old told me, “actually this gum is pretty good” and that basically sums it up.

Trident Splashing Fruit is a yellow gum with red flavor crystals and the aroma is much like fruit punch, wonderfully citrusy up front with hints of fruity notes underneath. The first taste impression I got of this gum was sweet. As I chewed, it got tangy and cool (not minty). The syrupy sweetness lingered for several minutes. This is a very sweet gum and it is no wonder my eight year old likes this gum.

Trident Splashing Fruit Gum

My impression of the flavor is that it is a mango flavor, very creamy, sweet and tropical.  I am amazed at  how long the flavor lasts and how the sweetness caries through. There is a coolness in the gum that tingles in my throat and chest and lasts at least 10 minutes. There is no minty character to this gum and the coolness comes from artificial flavors that give sensation.

Personally, I prefer mint gums, but for those looking for something different, Splashing fruit is a great option. Don’t expect it taste like  Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit; these two gums have much different profiles.  The only commonality between Juicy Fruit and Slashing Fruit is “Fruit”.

It takes at least 10 minutes of chewing to get a nice rubbery texture to blow bubbles with, but my daughter was ok with this.   As I said earlier, this gum is very sweet.

BTW, my daughter suggests two pieces for bubble blowing.




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