Dannon Danimals Smoothie, Swingin Strawberry Banana Flavored review

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Danimals Smoothies, Strawberry Banana

I have a four year old little girl who loves the pink “yogi milk”  with the monkey on it; Danimals smoothies. Before tasting it, my general  impression was that it must be too sugary, like the other kids yogurts on the market. To me, yogurt is supposed to be healthy.   It is a good source of protein, calcium, healthy bacteria and it should not be laden down with sugar.  Since I was raised by a dairy farmer turned health inspector, I am most definitely pro-dairy. I buy milk, cheese, yogurt, half n half,  sour cream, whip cream and real butter. Sometimes my husband purchases cool whip (non-dairy!) when I’m not with him, but other than that, I opt for real dairy products.  My husband claims cool-whip tastes good.

I am pleasantly impressed with this Danimals yogurt smoothie. It tastes like a standard yogurt product on the market, is incredibly smooth and is not too sweet. I feel good about buying it for my daughter and I am pleased that she likes it. The label states that it does not contain High fructose corn syrup, artificial color or flavor and that it is a good source of Vitamin D and Calcium. The smoothie does contain 5% of daily intake of Carbohydrates (sugars); but it has 4% of her daily intake of protein, 10% of her calcium and 10% of her Vitamin D. I am  thrilled to see Vitamin D added to this yogurt drink. Living in the Northwest, we don’t get our fair share of  sun, which helps our bodies  produce Vitamin D. In the Northwest,  our doctors recommend we supplement with Vitamin D to ward off depression, possibly multiple sclerosis, and other health issues.

Yogurt is tricky to flavor, since it is an ever-changing product (contains “active” yogurt cultures). I spent years flavoring yogurt and was well-known for my natural strawberry flavors. I am impressed with the strawberry flavor of this yogurt smoothie and find it fruity and almost candy like, so my child likes it. The banana flavor is amazing, wonderfully natural tasting, sweet and creamy. Yum! I might be stealing a few of my daughter’s smoothies. The monkey doesn’t interest me, but these smoothies sure do taste good and are nutritious.

Danimals Nutrition Panel

Other yogurt products have “Box tops for education”, which I collect for my older daughter’s elementary school. I wonder if they’ll start taking Dannon’s “labels for education”. Through my PTO contacts, I hear the school receives a few thousand dollars a year by collecting box tops. Box tops do motivate my purchases.



  1. Jim Notley says:

    Good for you, stick with the real thing.

  2. Susie Bautista says:

    Thanks Dad! Only the real thing!

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