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Smooth Mint

Extra Smooth Mint

When I saw this new Extra gum at the store, I was not excited. Lately, Extra has launched new dessert gums and those have been fun: Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie…Yum! Compared to those gums, smooth mint sounded bland. The package seemed unexciting, especially after just reviewing the new Stride Shaun White gum.

The aroma of this Extra gum was not impressive. It was mentholic and minty with a slight dirty, ashy note. When I started chewing the gum, though, my opinion changed and I found this gum impressively smooth and minty. The gum had a slightly creamy, fruity  undertone that subtly smoothed the cool mentholic peppermint.   The creamy fruitiness lingered for an “extra long time” and kept the usual bitter/burning character of a super cool gum toned down. I really like this gum flavor and how long it  lasts. It doesn’t have clever new packaging like some other new market releases, but this middle age mom is ok with that.

Extra Smooth Mint is a new favorite of mine. It is exactly what it claims to be: smooth. My mouth is wonderfully refreshed and cooled, like I have been chomping on sweet menthol cough drops. I love that clean and cool feeling in my throat and nasal passages. If  it wasn’t for the extra calories and the possibility of cracking my teeth, I probably would chomp on cough drops all day. Thankfully, because of Extra smooth mint gum, I have an alternative.  Admirable!

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Extra Smooth Mint gum Stick

Ingredient Statement

Ingredient Statement Extra Smooth Mint


  1. Jim Norwood says:

    I agree. Wrigley has a big hit here! All of their gums taste great…

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