SoBe LEAN Honey Green Tea

Green Tea Honey

Sobe Lean Green Tea Honey

Stevia first introduced in Japan

Fifteen years ago I was formulating green tea beverages for beverage manufacturers and trying out the natural high potency sweetener stevia extract(Reb A). I was working for a Japanese flavor company making prototypes for large beverage manufacturers in the United States and evaluating beverages sweetened with stevia that were on the market in Japan. Stevia has been approved for use as a natural sweetening agent in Japan for years. Recently, the United States deemed stevia safe for use in food and beverage.

High Potency Sweeteners

Honestly, I am not a huge high potency sweetener fan. High Potency sweeteners are usually 100-300 times sweeter than sugar. They include aspartame, sucralose, Ace K, stevia, saccharin, and all taste different from sugar.

Since I am fifteen pounds more than I was before I had children, I’ll try to limit more weight gain by limiting calories. High potency sweeteners do not contribute calories.

Nutrition Information, Sobe Lean Green Tea Honey

My Impression

We look for new tastes and excitement in our foods and beverages. Sobe Lean is exciting, all natural and has a new taste for only 10 calories in a 20 oz beverage. Sobe Lean Green Tea Honey is very sweet and lingers like honeysuckle. The green tea notes come out as grassy and slightly roasted. There is a creamy, waxy, green, fuzzy character in this tea that I would almost describe as minty peach mango. It isn’t unpleasant, but it is a little unexpected. Perhaps this flavor note is in the beverage to hide the bitterness that stevia usually imparts? Sobe lean does have a bitterness that lingers slightly, but I could finish most of the beverage.

For those of us who want choices and want natural sweeteners, Sobe Lean Honey Green Tea is a good choice. Personally, though, I’ll probably stick to water.

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