Stride Whitemint Gum (Shaun White) review

Stride Shaun White

It’s common in the fragrance industry to have a perfume created for a specific celebrity. Rarely does this happen in the food and flavor industry. It’s exciting to see a gum specifically created for Shaun White. What parent doesn’t want their kid aspiring to be an Olympic gold medal athlete like Shaun White? As a parent of a child who had several surgeries before age 5, I’m inspired  that Shaun had two heart surgeries at a very young age and still went on to become one of our country’s best athletes.

What is Whitemint flavor? When I took the cellophane wrapper off the gum package, I was hit with a strong wintergreen flavor that was sweet & creamy. Wintergreen is a popular flavor in the United States and I always enjoy this flavor. In other countries, particularly Japan and Europe, wintergreen isn’t liked. These countries associate wintergreen flavor with cleaning products.

The initial taste of this Stride gum is a Mentha arvensis (mint grown in India).    The gum burns with its extreme coolness, but gets sweeter as it’s chewed. My throat and nasal passages felt clear and cool with the extreme mint flavor, I can image I am at the mountains enjoying the new snow.

Three minutes into the Whitemint gum, I taste the wintergreen flavor that I smelled initially. The wintergreen flavor sweetens up the gum  and distracts from the bitter/harsh notes from the initial mint coolness. My lips are numb and a little tingly from the cooling effect of this gum. Stride Whitemint has extreme flavor impact.

The wintergreen flavor fades and about six minutes into the chew, the gum is mostly cool and slightly bitter. There lingers some wintergreen, celery and school paste notes. Closer to twelve minutes, the whitemint gum is still cool with green herbal mint (Mentha arvensis) and spicy (clove/cinnamon) character. I’m ready to be finished with the gum at fifteen minutes, because my mouth is numb and tingly. The flavor impact is too extreme for me. I’ve never skateboarded or snowboarded, so extreme is not my style.

Stride Whitemint is a great gum to freshen your breath and give you the feeling that you are out in the fresh snow. I’m excited to see what Stride launches next.  What would Lance Armstrong Stride gum taste like?

Shaun white gum

Inside of Stride Whitemint

shaun white stride

Back package Graphics Whitemint


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