Vine Heart Sangiovese Yakima Valley, WA review

Prosser WA wine


The last few days in the Northwest have been beautiful and it’s been a good opportunity to do yard work. Of course, after a day of hard work and sore muscles, it’s nice to have a drink with dinner. Thankfully, a friend of my husband brought by a gift of wine on our first day of yard work. It was a red wine from Prosser Washington, called Sangiovese. ¬†When I googled Sangiovese, I read it was the same grape used to make Chianti. I love Chianti with a good hearty meal, so I eagerly opened the wine.

I was a little disappointed with the yeasty, sulfury smell, and slightly turbid appearance but drank it anyway. Who throws out wine? The wine was very spicy, like black pepper (earthy & sensational). Actually, my mouth tingled as I drank it. I decided this wine was best enjoyed “paired” with food and had it with a snack of cheese and crackers. It was good to have an excuse to open the ¬†Cranberry Chevre from Trader Joe’s. The sweet note from the cranberry paired well with the dry, harsh character of the Sangiovese. There was a tobacco note that lingered in my mouth after I drank this wine. I don’t suggest this wine on its own, but find it pairs well with food.

The flavor of the wine is one developed by “Mother Nature” with a little help from an experienced wine maker. Most of us that work in the flavor industry do our best to copy Mother Nature. She is hands down the best flavorist there is!

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